Darina Kolarikova aka Dara Fox | 32 | LA/ Prague

'And what's your gear?' I was asked on my first London Instagram meet-up back in April 2016. I was like 'Well...an iPhone... lipstick and shades...' feeling pretty awkward. They were like 'Oh WOW!' And this WOW actually started it all! It pushed me to do something about my photography passion, take more images and share. I'm extremely grateful for that day. It helped me to find myself, find new friends and inspiration, and all thanks to Instagram. I've started seeing beautiful things in everything and everywhere and love sharing them with other people.

And here I am now! I've started traveling, I got a 'real camera' and met some incredible people, who keep inspiring me every day.

We will see what future brings. Hopefully more friends, more collabs but for sure, more beautiful photos so watch this space. :)